our constitution

A Constitutional America

We constantly see the call for another new law when the current laws are not being enforced. We need to get back to the foundation of what our country was founded on and stands for. We need to stop ignoring the Constitution and the Rights it forwards to our citizens. We need to see that Congress tells us they can’t change the Constitution when it doesn’t suit them and yet change it when it does. We don’t need a new gun law every time there is a shooting. What we need are to enforce the existing laws and stop writing laws that only serve to punish law abiding citizens, while doing nothing to deter or punish those who continue to do evil. Punish the offender, praise those that live by and abide by the laws.


Laws are only made today as a smokescreen and knee jerk reaction to a problem or issue, that can be used to force one’s political beliefs and agenda on our citizenry by punishing everyone and not deterring further crimes or criminals from committing crimes. We need to focus on punishing criminals with stricter and more expedient punishments, while protecting the rights and interests of our law abiding citizens.

Bottomline –
Protect and use the Constitution and existing laws instead of creating an meaningless smokescreen to “look” like Congress is doing anything. Protect the Rights of the people and punish the criminal.a

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