Parent Choice in Education

Many families are faced with the choice and need to be a dual income family these days. This does not mean that parents are not involved in the raising and education of their children. Parents need to be given back the power to make educational choices for their children in what they learn and how they learn it. Forcing social programing and curriculum on children against parental knowledge and consent needs to stop. Teachers need to focus on education and not sharing personal views or ideologies with children. The job of a teacher is to educate and inform students of all options, not just what they feel is important. When options are made available to children on alternate learning curriculums, parents need to be informed in advance and children are not to be singled out or shamed to follow choices against parental consent. The failure in curriculum and funding have also decreased the value of our schools. This has led to increased popularity in charter and private school options. These options need to be more easily available and more user friendly, along with ensuring curriculums are transferable and credits accepted between charter and private schools, and public schools.


Teachers are focusing more on social programming and share of one-sided ideologies, instead of focusing on wholistic teaching of all ideas and more importantly, not just focusing on subject matter for the class being taught. Students should not know a teacher’s political ideology or party affiliation. Common Core instruction has proven to be a failure. Rapid action and attention to correcting this needs to happen now!

Bottomline –
Parents need to have more say in what is being taught and how it is being taught. If schools go against a national standard, parents should have easier access to other educational options for their children to meet that standard, increase value of education to the children and meet a more neutral ideology to better educate children to making the right choices for themselves and with their families.

Paid for by Famela Ramos for Congress