Path to Legal Immigration and Citizenship

Path to Legal Immigration and Citizenship –
Propose the idea of a system the mirrors that of the military. The military offers a fast track to citizenship if an individual services at least one enlistment. The proposed idea would be to create a path that offers service to the U.S. in expanded areas of social and civic work to contribute to the community, the country and shows a commitment to the U.S. and becoming part of our country. Not everyone is cut out for, nor suited for service in the military and this adds value to our infrastructure and provides service to our country. The service would require a minimum term of 3-4 years and need to be done in good standing and in good faith. This would be a paid position of service through whatever agencies have the ability to take on entry level positions for these people.


We currently have a system that requires years of waiting to obtain citizenship. We also see a number of people coming to our country and not pursing citizenship. We want to encourage citizenship and contribution and discourage people just coming here with no intent of contribution or the pursuit of becoming a citizen. We want to increase interest and desire to become a citizen if they want to come to our country and reward them for committing to service to our country. We also want to provide a job skill that these people can build on, through use of a program that requires individuals to provide a service to others. The intent of this is to decrease dependency on government assistance and decrease use of tax dollars that can be used in other areas.
Bottomline –
Immigration to the U.S is a fact of life. We want to create a system that offers opportunity to those that want to be a part of our country, make the process more user friendly and more timely, and lastly, provide a job skill so to reduce immigrant dependency on the government.

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