Military and veterans

Those that make the choice to service in our military are not being provided opportunities after they complete the service. The Government is defaulting on their commitment to these people in decreased benefits, post service opportunities and honoring the service of our men and women. There needs to be better and more timely services through the Veteran’s Administration and the ability to update the healthcare and educational benefits promised to our services members so that they have a useable system and not just an empty promise or decreased benefit, when they served the terms of their service and contract.

The VA healthcare system has shown a long history of failures and lack of attention to the needs of Veterans and their healthcare. We have witnessed the revolving door of failed leadership go in and out of the VA, with no real changes or commitment of service to our Veterans. Real changes need to be made and stop blaming failures on singular leaders. Firing of Senior leadership is just a smokescreen and not real commitment to change. Programs and commitment to change needs to be real and effective.
Earned and promised educational benefits need to be updated to reflect what is offered and usable. Veterans pursuing post service education are left with fewer choices due to antiquated rules. Most of the educational opportunities taken advantage of by Veterans can be limited to vocational programs, schools only offering online classes and other certificate programs. These programs do offer Veterans the opportunity to take full advantage of their benefits by way of tuition payment and living stipend. If a Veteran is pursuing post service education, they should be entitled to full payment and stipend while going to school full time, regardless of the educational choices and format of the classes offered.
Bottomline –
The government is not honoring their commitment they made to our Veterans. They constantly look for ways to reduce or limit promised benefits to service members that served honorably. If the Veterans meet the terms of their contract, the government needs to as well. This also includes the efforts and service of retirees.

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